How..... Lost In Music sound? And what on earth do they look like? Here are some photos and video clips. There's no studio trickery here with the videos. No overdubs. No repairing wrong notes. This is what they sound like LIVE. There are plenty more videos on their YouTube channel here.

Stafford fireworks party
12-piece 1980s set
050718 Sutton (23)
IPM Awards, Hilton Park Lane
090618 Chapel St Leonards (14)
Stafford, switching on the Christmas lights
Disco Inferno studio photo
050718 Sutton (18)
Lost In Music send the crowd wild
Stafford 1980s set
Mandarin Oriental, International Women's Day
090618 Chapel St Leonards (11)
Our 1970s disco set outside The Berkeley Hotel, London
050718 Sutton (8)
Lost In Music's Back To The 80s set, with Jamie Oliver
Lost In Music, Disco Inferno set, Oxford
This is what we do when we finish a gig....
Our School Disco set
Our James Bond theme tune band
The 'Oops Upside Your Head' gig moment
School Disco 11-piece band
Studio shot
IPM Awards, Hilton Park Lane, June 2017
Lost In Music in the studio
Hilton Park Lane, IPM Awards
Fireworks party in Stafford, 1980s set
050718 Sutton (9)
Drummer, 1980s set
090618 Chapel St Leonards (14)
Disco Inferno bassist
Big 12-piece 1980s band
Back To The 80s set
Back To The 80s in the studio
Disco Inferno's 3 singers
1980s set in the studio
1980s set, 12-piece band with 5 singers and 3 brass
Armourer’s Hall
1980s band
1980s set in Stafford, 181117
12-piece 1980s set in Stafford
1970s disco set, 11-piece band
1970s gig in Lincoln
1970s disco set in Portugal
Lost In Music events band
This is what we do when we finish a gig....
Fireworks party in Stafford
IPM Awards, Hilton Park Lane 2017
25th wedding anniversary at Claridge's, London
1970s set in Whittlebury, dinner dance
090618 Chapel St Leonards (12)
1980s set, Stafford